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Decluttering and Organising

My Story

Are you sick of not being able to locate the items you've been looking for?  Are you wasting money on items you know you've got somewhere but can't locate? Are you tired of tidying up your home, for it to only appear messy again within a few hours?  Lets not even start on the mental load that comes with all of this.

I get you!  I understand!

This was how my life was for a few years until I took charge and said "no more!"

When my husband and I moved into our four bedroom home all we brought was the furniture and items from our respective bedrooms.  Slowly but surely, we purchased items we needed and were given hand me downs from our Mum's and friends.  Soon we had so much stuff filling our entire house.  Extra sheet sets, all manner of kitchen items, surplus furniture, too many clothes and then eight years in we started having children.  Bassinette, cot, change table, rocking chairs, clothes, toys - the list goes on!


When my daughter was six months old we did a pretty big renovation which required us to pack up and empty out our entire house.  I decluttered a bit at the time and then we moved back in and unpacked it all again.  The cycle continued.  I would tidy and clean our home and it would be messy again just as quickly.

I then had an epiphany.  We simply just had too much stuff we were keeping.  The main  reasons included:

  • "Mum/Aunty/Friend bought it for me.  I can't get rid of it."

  • "If I get rid of this item, I'll inevitably need to use it in six months."

  • "It cost me $XXX"


With my husband on board we commenced decluttering together.  Improvements were made but it wasn't until I read the Marie Kondo book "The life changing magic of tidying up" that big changes occurred within our home.

We now don't waste our weekends cleaning our home.  We now don't waste time looking for our car keys and being late for work. 


Alas, whilst we do still need to tidy and clean our home, it is done in minimal time, with minimal effort and we are spending more time with our kids, socialising with family and friends and enjoying our life.

Now that I feel like I've figured this out, I want to help you get your life back so that you can step away from all the tidying and enjoy yourself more.  

Click through to my Decluttering and Organising Services page to find a package to suit your needs.

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