About Me

Hi, I’m Tracey, a qualified Interior Decorator, wife and mum to two kids and I also have a passion for decluttering, organising and interior decorating.


I have been interested in interior design for a really long time, constantly nagging my Mum and Dad for new quilt covers, new paint colours for my room, I even remember the sponge painting effect I trialled in the late 90’s!  This evolved when I moved out of home with my now husband and had a whole house to decorate and organise.  From initial paint jobs and cosmetic fixes to knocking down walls, laying new floors and installing a new kitchen, I’ve had a ball making interior design decisions!


On the organisational front, we went from being a household of two to four within two years and if you’re a fellow parent, you’ll understand how quickly items enter your home during that period.  I was so tired of tidying and cleaning our home to only have it appearing messy again by the end of the day, or worse, within a few hours.  As a Legal Secretary with over 16 years’ experience, I am used to everything being ordered and in its place – work up to date, filing complete and files returned to their home.  I commenced decluttering with a vengeance and after reading the KonMari book, I did it again.  Now, everything has a home and it is very easy to return items to their home and keep our home organised and tidy.


The main purpose of creating this simpler, organised and beautiful life is to allow more time for things I want to do, like spending time with my family, entertaining friends and working on my business in order to help other people.   


If you’re interested in working with me to help bring simplicity and beauty into your home and create a space you and your family can truly feel at home in, please contact me: tracey@simplyorganisedsimplybeautiful.com.au or 0404 276 394.